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Here at Appraisall System we love Chris Evans from Radio 2. In his autobiography at the start of each chapter he gives his top 10 in relation to that chapter subject, so here’s our top 10 picks on why we think our appraisal software is the best software available!

1. Ease of use

We set it up for you, we bespoke it to suit you, we train everyone, its automated, there’s no paperwork and it does all the tracking and reminders … what more can you ask for!
2. Results

Great data on how your employees works, from their perspective and from their line manager. Setting expectation and focusing on delivery and strengths … ultimately improving engagement.

3. Recognition

We all love it when we get a pack on the back for a job well done, and this can be formally recognised in the appraisal and maximised on to stretch and engage your employees further.

4. Fulfilment

Employees are loyal, engaged and productive when they know they are important to the company and they can clearly see how they how they have impacted on the success of the business

5. Success

Employees start to think about they can best deliver to the company as a whole and to bring fresh perspective to what works well and what doesn’t in their role, thus making their role more efficient and giving them a sense of being part of the business success

6. Future proofing

Career planning tools allow employees to progress conversations about their ambitions for the future and take ownership for their own development … which all helps you in your succession planning!

7. Two way

Smart managers use the appraisal to not only discuss the performance of their employees, but use it to gauge how they are performing as a manager, therefore increasing management capability and engagement.

8. Peace of mind

Our software and our reporting tiers are extremely secure, therefore you and your employees can have peace of mind that their data is being used in the way it was intended with the best intentions to improve their performance.

9. Communication

The strength our software is in fact its weakness … what our software can’t do is carry out a 1:1 meeting for you, but hey who wants to be assessed by an avatar … you want your time with your manager / employees and we won’t ever take this away from you, we simply provide an intuitive platform to gather this information.

10. Progress

we all like to see how we’ve improved … it puts a smile on our faces! Our reports show period on period progression in easy to understand graphs. It can also show, if so desired, how the employee has performed in comparison to peers, team members and departmental members … nothing like a bit of competition to increase performance!
So that’s our top 10 (and thank you Chris for the idea) … if you can think of headers to make a top 20, we’ll happily provide the detail!

Posted on: September 4th, 2015

  • Normally we get around a 45% completion rate with our appraisals, this time using e-ppraise we achieved 95%! The feedback from the team for the first time ever was that the appraisal experience was positive.

    Jane Andrew, Director

  • Really pleased with the new appraisal system, it helps identify training needs and provides consistency across all our 21 offices. the appraisall team have provided excellent training, and support throughout.

    Bethan Edmund-Harper - John Francis Estate Agents

  • A software that takes away my paperwork headache! I am spending my time diagnosing data - determining our succession planning and growth plans rather than tracking who has/hasn't completed their appraisals.

    Helen Williams, HR Manager, Call centre

  • Just love the training administration functionality of the software. I can manage the departmental training budgets and targets, ensure we are legally compliant and that all CPD targets are met, and all in easy to use report formats and diary reminders ... no more multiple spreadsheets!

    Katy Miller, Training manager, Insurance

  • The competency framework works really well for our company. The combination of generic and bespoke competencies means the software feels really relevant to the roles in our organisation. Most of the hard work has been done up front meaning our managers are a lot more engaged with the process.

    Anna Mosley - HR Advisor

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