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Some eye-opening stats on how much time and money our software can save your business

• Saves at least 1 hour of time per employee prior to process in creating and issuing documentation, and in determining management structure

• Saves at least 1 hour of time per employee during the process tracking where up to in process, chasing managers and chasing employees

• Saves at least 1 hour of time per employee after the process collating information and compiling statistical information and reports

Based on a £30k HR position with 75 employees in a company, this offered a saving of 348 HR hours x £15 per hour = £5220


• Saves at least 1 hour of time in completing paperwork

Based on the lowest possible denominator of minimum wage of £6.50 per hour x 75 employees = £487.50

Line Managers:

• Saves at least 1 hour of time completing paperwork and chasing employees to complete/track where they are up to.

Based on an average salary of £30k, this offers a saving of £1125

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Posted on: September 18th, 2015

  • Normally we get around a 45% completion rate with our appraisals, this time using e-ppraise we achieved 95%! The feedback from the team for the first time ever was that the appraisal experience was positive.

    Jane Andrew, Director

  • Really pleased with the new appraisal system, it helps identify training needs and provides consistency across all our 21 offices. the appraisall team have provided excellent training, and support throughout.

    Bethan Edmund-Harper - John Francis Estate Agents

  • A software that takes away my paperwork headache! I am spending my time diagnosing data - determining our succession planning and growth plans rather than tracking who has/hasn't completed their appraisals.

    Helen Williams, HR Manager, Call centre

  • Just love the training administration functionality of the software. I can manage the departmental training budgets and targets, ensure we are legally compliant and that all CPD targets are met, and all in easy to use report formats and diary reminders ... no more multiple spreadsheets!

    Katy Miller, Training manager, Insurance

  • The competency framework works really well for our company. The combination of generic and bespoke competencies means the software feels really relevant to the roles in our organisation. Most of the hard work has been done up front meaning our managers are a lot more engaged with the process.

    Anna Mosley - HR Advisor

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